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Corporate Profile

Industrial lifting has never been about the individual component but rather the sum of its parts. That is the experience of being served by Jenmon International. We provide complete solutions to lift your business operations to new heights. Since 2001, we have focused solely on designing sophisticated gantry crane systems to make complex lifting easy.

Singapore serves as the nerve centre for Jenmon's operations throughout Asia, and our seamless solutions have been experienced by clients in Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Jenmon's rapport with major players in the industries of Aerospace, Entertainment, Construction, Oil & Gas, Healthcare and Marine have been the reason why we are able to build new relationships in these markets.

Our ability to work closely with clients have enabled us to anticipate new challenges that clients might face and develop the appropriate solutions to overcome them. That ability has also allowed us to become the crane systems expert for industrial lifting in our chosen markets. As part of Jenmon's service experience, in-depth site assessments are conducted to generate the correct design parameters and create the best-fit solutions to meet your specific requirements. This ranges from workflow process conceptualisation to redesigning crane systems to the provision of standalone gantry crane systems and parts.

Jenmon's work does not just stop with the commissioning of crane systems. We want to ensure that your lifting operations run smoothly in every aspect through proper on-site training, regular maintenance and servicing.

When you engage Jenmon, you are not getting just a lifting equipment distributor but a crane systems specialist and partner who will ensure that your lifting operations run like clockwork.

Our Philosophy

We put great care and attention in building the most reliable and high performance crane systems. When we deliver our products, it is not the end of the process but the beginning of a relationship, because, we treat our customers as our committed partners to achieving success together. When our customers achieve their goals, we will be there to celebrate with them.

When they face insurmountable challenges, we will put our heads together and find solutions. And, when they dream to become the greatest, fastest, biggest, we will be running side by side with them to turn it into reality.

Our Vision & Mission

Jenmon Core Values

This commitment to customers can also be seen in Jenmon's core values which drive us to build long-term relationships with clients through the customisation of solutions that are safe and the provision of an excellent service experience. This is why global giants such as McConnell Dowell, 3M Innovation, Lonza Pharma, Hitachi Plant Technologies, PPL Shipyard; and Singapore Test Services, chose Jenmon as their partner for lifting solutions.

We believe that companies can grow their business two ways: by finding new clients or growing with existing ones. We believe that growing with our existing clients by helping them grow is the right approach to realising our vision of becoming The Renowned Specialist For Lifting Solutions.

From conceptualisation to commissioning to conditioning of crane systems, we are with you every step of the way.

Because we have always treated your success as our own.

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