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Working Away from Home

Batam Cantilever Bridge Project


Challenge - Away Home Disadvantage

One of Europe's largest contracting companies having extensive international experience. Their cantilever bridge was undergoing modification in Batam, Indonesia, in preparation for the largest oil and gas project in Darwin, Australia' Northern Territory. Part of the innovation included gantry cranes, capable of transporting large concrete beams across the self-propelled CLB.

Jenmon was proud to be appointed for supplying two units of 70 tons Double Girder Gantry Cranes. The whole projects comprises of crane design in Australia Standards, fabrication control, arrangement of shipment, pre-assembly, testing and commissioning at Batam yard. It also included calibration at Darwin for final commissioning.

Most of the operations will be carried out away from the convenience of Singapore home ground. Necessary considerations and preparations were required to ensure smooth operations at the Batam yard.


Solution - Preparedness and Quality Assurance

Despite the challenges, it proved no difficult task to Jenmon. With years of experience in overseas project, Jenmon understands all successful projects derive from Total Preparations and Strict Quality Control.

Before leaving to Batam, quality control systems were in place throughout the preparation stage, as well as strict monitoring of welding quality, finishing works and dimensional control. The Logistic team, while keeping track of the crane parts, organized the shipment schedule to meet on-time delivery. All in all - To make sure our customer is satisfied with our products and services.

Purpose-built for this project, the 70 tons Gantry Cranes had a numbers of unique features:

1. Synchronization made lifting simpler
Both cranes were meant to operate at the same time to carry the long and heavy bridge materials to the other side of the CLB. Operated by one operator, they will move and stop at the same time in the same direction. With this, load alignment was maintained throughout the transportation. Benefits: Making lifting simpler, safer and swift.

2. Sensor Devices Enhance Safety
Anti-collision sensor was an essential safety device, especially having heavy machinery working close proximity with on-board personnel. Installed on the same CLB's tracks, Jenmon gantry cranes shared the same platform with a crawler crane. Upon sensing any obstruction, the sensor stops the cranes from safe distance, preventing any accident – an added benefit which improve productivity and efficiency while enhancing safety.

3. Ease of Relocation
The double girders cranes had to be dismantled and transported out of Batam. "Easy to Install, Easy to Dismantle" were required to ensure that the double girders cranes were able to install in the new location. The final product – Compact yet Robust, being our motto – enables these cranes to be lifted and installed with ease.

4. Storm-Locks for Extreme Weather
Situated in a cyclone-prone area, the LNG Jetty project was faced with occasion's strong winds. Catered to these extreme weather, Storm-locks were installed on both hoists.

Results - Dynamic Possibilities

Having a strong industry expertise, Jenmon provide the right fit to any request and always innovating to manufacture high-quality cranes in accordance to market standards.

Thus, the higher crane standards from our client were no stranger to us. A solid foundation built from our culture and core values ensure customer satisfaction from design to delivery. The cranes in this CLB project were evidences to Jenmon capabilities.

With a growing demand of oversea project, Jenmon sees its core competence in developing a comprehensive solutions to requirements from all borders.

Now, the cranes had completed the Site Acceptance Test in Batam and were ready to set off to Darwin. Our technician will continue the calibration there for the final commission. Support will always be there whenever the client needs us.


Fabrication Manager, Bam International
"I would like to commend the company for the service level and fast response at every point of time throughout the project."


Our aim is to ensure an operative crane on site at all times.

"Jenmon is made up of veterans with years of experience in the lifting industry. We are constantly updated with the latest market products, solutions and technologies, enabling us to provide solutions to suit all varieties of industrial lifting and handling systems. From the very first contact to maintenance, our team has the complete range of services tailored for you. "

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