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Past Projects 2012

Awarded by Hydez Hydraulic Engineers for
1 unit of Underslung crane.


Hydez Hydraulic specializes in designing and manufacturing the reliable hydraulic equipment, hydraulic power unit, and hydraulic cylinder for the offshore oil and gas market. As a renowned crane provider in Singapore, Jenmon was awarded by Hydez to supply and install 1 unit of 3.2 ton Underslung crane.

Having to install the crane in a space and structural constrained , Our team of designer and managers provided a thorough study which allowed more free movement on the production floor. This led to Jenmon installing a runway structure with the independent columns as simply attached to the existing roof structure to secure the more spaces in their workshop. For the smooth operation, this Underslung crane simply adjusted on each column and by eliminating the need for runway support columns, the overall workflow could proceed efficiently.

All these were supported with a detailed design and calculation in accordance with FEM/DIN standards as well as our local SS497 standards.

Awarded by TIW International Company for 1 unit of Single Girder Gantry crane comes with Wire Rope Hoist.


As a leading crane provider in Singapore, Jenmon can be the ideal support for our customers by providing a creative solution from the designing of cranes to the maintenance services for the cranes. Not surprisingly, Jenmon has chosen by TIW International Inc to be a support for their new workshop by delivering and installing the 1 unit of Gantry crane.

TIW is one of the leading companies in oil and gas industry that they mainly offer a complete line of Liner Hanger Systems, Expandable Liner Systems, Completion Packers, Safety & Kelly Valves and Window Cutting Products.

Understanding the loading constrained of the building flooring, Jenmon's experience allowed a faster implementation of the design and submission to the regulatory authorities. This led to ease of approval to commence work which in turn faster delivery. As having a value of provide a safe and productive work place, Site inspection were engaged through party Civil and Structural Consultant to ensure conformity.

Our customer specially mentioned that they were pleased with our performance of Jenmon crane as well as our high standards in safety.

Awarded by Singapore Daito Engineering Pte Ltd for 1 unit of Single Girder Electrical Overhead Travelling crane.


Jenmon believes that to provide good quality products and services is one of the indispensable things in lifting industry and not surprisingly, Singapore Daito appointed Jenmon to supply 1 unit of 8 ton overhead crane.

From delivery to commissioning, any single parts must not be the obstacle to meet our customer's requirements. Therefore, from beginning of the construction, Jenmon's team professionally planned, executed and delivered the project in a timely manner and observed all the safety regulations. All in all, Jenmon showed the professional performance and our customer were satisfied with our project team for their enthusiasm & professionalism.

Awarded by Keppel Shipyard Limited for 6 units of 10 ton Double Girder Electrical Overhead Travelling crane.


Keppel Offshore & Marine is the global leader in offshore rig design, construction and repair, ship repair and conversion, and specialised shipbuilding.

Backed by over a century of experience with Keppel Offshore & Marine Marine Division , Keppel Shipyard is the global industry's trusted partner for the repair, conversion and upgrading of a diverse range of vessels. They are the professionals in the conversion of Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) units, Floating Storage Offloading (FSO) vessels and Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU).

For the expansion of their East and West Side Production Yard, Jenmon was selected to provide 6 units of 10 tons Double Girder Cranes for their newly built mobile shelter based on our Quality and Reliable Cranes in the market.

With Jenmon expertise in the field of lifting and project management, we successfully co-ordinated the completion and delivery of all 6 cranes on scheduled.

Awarded by SK E & C Engineering for 2 units of 40 Ton and 12 Ton Gantry cranes and 1 unit of 65 Ton transfer car for Land Transport Authority (LTA) – Down Town Line (DTL) 3 Project - C930 station.


SK E&C Engineering, a Korean conglomerate, awarded Jenmon to supply and install 2 units of 40 Ton and 12 Ton Gantry cranes and 1 unit of 65 Ton transfer car for DTL 3, C930 station. The cranes were installed side by side with cantilever designed to allow goods carried seamlessly from the shaft by 40 Tonne Gantry crane and transferred to 12 Tonne Gantry crane to place goods onto the trailers to be transported out.

Several key features were being considered and designed for customer's special operations request for the transfer of goods taking into considerations both cranes' cantilever will overlap each other and may result in a collision should operators of cranes are not attentive. Sensors and limit switches were incorporated in the design and tested to ensure sensors were able to detect at safe zone and halt the crane moving should the other crane being in operations.

Jenmon takes great pride in designing cranes to suit and meet customer's needs without compromising on safety aspect required to ensure workers and operators safety at the site in line with our Vision – A safe and productive workplace.

Our aim is to ensure an operative crane on site at all times.

"Jenmon is made up of veterans with years of experience in the lifting industry. We are constantly updated with the latest market products, solutions and technologies, enabling us to provide solutions to suit all varieties of industrial lifting and handling systems. From the very first contact to maintenance, our team has the complete range of services tailored for you. "

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