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Engineered Cranes

Deep Tunnel Crane

Jenmon Deep Tunnel Cranes are customised and designed specifically to the needs of each client and their applications.

Depending on the location of the mud pit, the winch will be designed according to the orientation suited for maximum efficiency. If these Gantry Cranes need to be reached outside of the runway, our professional design team is able to design the crane with a cantilever with safety interlock to prevent overloading, thus complying to the local authority and meeting our customers' requirements.

Our Engineered Gantry Cranes are available in a full range of load capacities – from 20 ton to 400 ton, including hook which can reach as deep as 70m below ground level with a fast hoisting speed of 60m/min. Furthermore, the winch motor kW can range from 75kW to as high as 350kW, ensuring the improved productive cycle time of each lift.

Designed with safety as the ultimate requirement, these fast hoisting speed cranes are integrated with a specially designed control system and appropriate Variable Speed Drive.

With these kinds of speed and adaptable capacities, Jenmon Engineered Gantry Cranes are mainly used for deep tunnelling industry, power plants industry and waste management industry.


  • Electronic Control and Recording Status of the Hoist and Crane
  • Anti-Collision Sensor
  • Anti-Sway System
  • Load Display Indicator
  • Twin Hoists on Same Crane
  • Joystick Wireless Remote Control
  • Energy Chain
  • Mobile or Fixed Operator Cabin
  • Storm Lock
  • Flood Lights

Power Plant Crane

Jenmon Power Plant Overhead Cranes are exceptionally designed to solve various situations and meet our customers' needs, providing high operating efficiency and strong reliability.

Our Power Plant Overhead Cranes are capacitated from 20 ton to 600 ton, allowing a design with variable speed of lifting hook and long-lasting span length of up to 47m.

The low weight of trolley, load distribution to the steel structure and small overall dimension can be optimised for the different work areas. This can also help to reduce the construction costs for our customers. As such, these Power Plant Overhead Cranes are commonly used in deep tunnelling industry, power plant industry, manufacturing and waste management industries.


  • Electronic Control and Recording Status of the Hoist and Crane
  • Anti-Collision Sensor
  • Anti-Sway System
  • Load Display indicator
  • Twin Hoists on Same Crane
  • Joystick Wireless Remote Control
  • Auxiliary Hook
  • Electric Wire Rope Hoist Trolley

Waste to Energy Crane

The Waste to Energy Cranes move loads of garbage through the hoppers that transfer them to the incinerators to generate renewable energy, in the form of electricity, from the primary treatment of waste.

Jenmon Engineered Waste to Energy Cranes stand out as having a heavy capacity handling and precise lead time when moving into the adjacent storage of trash.

For smooth operations, a sufficient tonnage for handling is required to feed them at a certain burn rate. Jenmon cranes have remarkable features to deal with substantial loads of garbage, as well as durable hoisting equipment. Moreover, the speed range can be optimised and/or extended in accordance to the weight of the load.

With these key features, Jenmon will provide reliable Waste to Energy Cranes to achieve high productivity and increase efficiency.


  • Hoist Overload Limits
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Alarm Systems
  • Upper Limit Switches
  • Operator Control Station
  • Control Panel Room
  • Multi Crane Selection from Operator Control Room
  • Data Logger Weighing System
  • Heavy Duty Grabber

MRT Trains & Depot Crane

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Jenmon Engineered Cranes play an important role in providing smooth operations for SMRT train track replacements and new depots.

With an enhancement in technology integrated into the operation of the crane, Jenmon Engineered Crane is customised to the heavy capacity of handling difficult lifting problems from the ground to the tunnel. They are also custom-made to handle the long lifting height. This stable and cost-effective design ensures the constant usage of Jenmon Engineered Cranes in the MRT Trains & Depot industry.

Through the numerous experiences of consulting and servicing in MRT Trains & Depot industry, Jenmon has proven the high reliability and safe operation of the cranes.


  • Electronic Control and Recording Status of the Hoist and Crane (data logger)
  • Anti-Collision Sensor
  • Anti-Sway System
  • Load Display Indicator
  • Twin Hoists on Same Crane
  • Joystick Wireless Remote Control
  • Hoist Inverter Control
  • Operator Cabin

Our aim is to ensure an operative crane on site at all times.

"Jenmon is made up of veterans with years of experience in the lifting industry. We are constantly updated with the latest market products, solutions and technologies, enabling us to provide solutions to suit all varieties of industrial lifting and handling systems. From the very first contact to maintenance, our team has the complete range of services tailored for you. "

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